data privacy statement resp. gdpr

Responsible body in terms of data protection laws is:

Katrin Wille-Kühnel / Please see imprint via link

Data protection

No personal data is required to visit this website. To view the non public contents of this website you need a password that can be requested from the webmaster by e-mail.

If you have contacted us by e-mail and do not wish to continue with this contact, you have the right to correct, block or delete your personal data provided via your e-mail.

Collecting general information / "server log files" by the provider

The provider of this website ("1 & 1 Internet SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur, Germany) automatically collects and stores only such information (service "1 & 1 WebAnalytics") in so-called server log files, which your browser automatically transmits to us. Tracking and logging are enabled by default. 1 & 1 does not store personally identifiable information about site visitors, so they can not be traced back to individual visitors. This information is largely mandatory when using the Internet and is appropriate for the site's presentation, content and technology.

The following data are collected:

    Referrer (previously visited website)
    Requested website or file
    Browser type and browser version
    Operating system used
    Used device type
    Time of access
    IP address in anonymous form (used only to determine the location of access)

The data is determined either by a pixel or by a log file. 1 & 1 WebAnalytics does not use cookies to protect personal information.

In 1 & 1 WebAnalytics, data are collected solely for statistical evaluation and technical optimization of the website. There are no data available to third parties. A merge of this data with other data sources will not be done.

The optional 1 & 1 offer "WebAnalytics Plus" is not used for this website.

Collecting general information related to users ("cookies", IP) by the website itself

This website itself does not collect any data from visitors except possibly a login cookie (in case You log into a non public area) to maintain Your access. If You refuse this, please do not log in to non public areas.
The IP of visitors is not stored by this website itself.

Contact form

This page does not contain a contact form. Please contact the website operators at the webmaster's e-mail address.

Social media

This site does not provide or use or link to so-called "social media" (e.g., Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc.).

SSL encryption

This site uses SSL encryption for the security of its visitors' privacy and security. An encrypted connection exists when You can recognize the prefix "https: //" instead of "http: //" and a lock symbol in your browser's address line.
If SSL encryption is enabled, the data you submit to us can not be read by third parties.